SPACE 2017: A dynamic Expo benefitting the livestock industry

Our Expo will again provide the opportunity for discussion, debate and reflection on the challenges ahead for the livestock sector, as well as a unique showcase for innovations.

The coming edition looks promising: 

- more than 1 260 exhibitors registered, i.e. an increasing number compared to last year, at the same date. 381 international exhibitors from 37 countries reflect the importance of SPACE worldwide 
- 61 000 m² of requested area by exhibitors. More requests for changes in terms of space and locations are being received this year than in previous years
- 100 000 professional visitors are expected, of which 15 000 international from 120 countries. The improved accessibility of Rennes in the near future will considerably enhance the appeal of our event
- many innovations will be awarded through the operation Innov'Space
- the Breed Show 2017 is going to be amazing with 1 European compeetition, 2 National competitions and 11 inter-regional competitions
- the Research & Development Village has been renamed Espace for the future, in order to strengthen its status as part of SPACE, increase its appeal and rejuvenate its identity. It will focus this year on the theme "Robotics for farmers”
- more than 70 conferences and symposium are already scheduled

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