SPACE : Top quality features !

Thanks to its location, its strong industry roots and its international reach, SPACE is the highlight international event for professionals across all areas of animal production. It also has among the best quality features : 

A showcase of business innovation and expertise for livestock farmers
 with Innov'Space awards. 

A key international event
 : 14 029 international visitors from 128 countries attended SPACE 2017.

A world class genetics hub :
exhibition of more than 700 animals, 4 days of competitions, presentations, auctions, and unique events ! 

A space for generating quality discussions :
70 talks andsymposiums, 300 business meetings with International B2B meetings and a job-search platform thanks to APECITA's "Job Datings".

An essential, trend-setting space for the Future,
 for breeders to look ahead and think about tomorrow's big issues.

Unique international and professional media coverage : 
390 journalists including 105 international reporters from 35 countries. SPACE TV by Web-Agri : reports filmed before, during and after the Exhibition.

Une vitrine de l'innovation et du savoir-faire 
des entreprises pour les éleveurs avec le label Innov'Space.