Farm visits and agri-industrial units

Visit for free Breton farms!

SPACE is held in Brittany, at the heart of one of Europe's most important livestock areas. We are inviting you to take advantage of this resource with visits to livestock farms and agri-industrial units in our region.


For additional information or registration to one of these visits, please contact Amandine LEROUX:



Farm visits programme (as at 9 July 2018)

This year, some of these visits will highlight the issue of farm health control by the farmer, in line with the common thread 'Health excellence, a passport for the future!'.


Average duration of visits: 3-4 hours - Departure and return: Gate C

Tuesday 11 September

Visit n°1 - 1.15 pm

Normande breed dairy farm

70 dairy cows 

90 hectares (maize, lucerne, cereals)

470.000 liters of milk produced

Visit n°2 - 1.30 pm

Prim'Holstein dairy farm - wholly robotic - New!

120 dairy cows

Annual production: 1.4 million litres

145 hectares

Milking robot Lely A4 - Vector - Straw bedder- 4 scrapers

Biogas plant

Visit n°3 - 1.15 pm

Poultry farm (layers)

80.000 laying hens in cage

6.000 laying hens outdoors (Label Rouge)

90 hectares

Wednesday 12 September

Visit n°4 - 9.30 am

Dairy goat farm - New!

1.400 Alpine goats

Farm processing : milk, cheese, yogurts

Visit n°5 - 9.30 am

Sheep farm on the Mont-Saint Michel salt marshes

1.000 Suffolk and Vendéenne ewes

Visit n°6 - 9.45 am

Parthenais breed beef cattle farm - Tasting at the farm - New!

• GAEC Montpiron

• 2 Associates + 2 workers

• 177 ha - 125 calvings in Parthenaise breed- fattening

• Registered to Parthenaise herd book (600 embryos in 14 years)

• 50% insemination

Visit n°7 - 9.30 am

Animal feed plant: VALOREX in Combourtillé - New!

more details soon

Visit n°8 - 1.15 pm

Derval experimental dairy farm - Biogas plant

80 Prim'Holstein dairy farm - Average milking: 9.500 litres

100 hectares

Milking robot

Biogas plant

Visit n°9 - 1.30 pm

Mixed farm (pig fattening, cereals and dairy cows) - New!

880 pigs fattening places

120 dairy cows

Fattening young beef cattle

210 hectares (wheat, maize, lucerne, Italian Ray Grass, barley, rape)

Food high in Omega 3

Adherent to the concept of Ecologically Intensive Agriculture

Thursday 13 September

Visit n°10 - 9.00 am

Broiler chicken farm

3.000 m² of buildings with forced ventilation

2 buildings with photovoltaic panels

Hypochlorous acid water treatment

Specifications and quality charter established for Mac Donald

Visit n°11 - 9.15 am

Mixed farm (pig farm with fattening unit, cereals and animal feed manufacturing unit) - New!

5 500 fattened pigs per year

120 hectares (maize, wheat and rape)

Animal feed manufacturing unit

Adherent to the concept of Ecologically Intensive Agriculture

Visit n°12 - 1.15 pm

Dairy farm with milk processing at the farm

150 Prim'Holstein and Montbeliarde dairy cows

1.300 000 litres of milk produced

400.000 litres are processed at the farm (butter, cream, cheese, yogurts...)

280 hectares - 6 partners

This farm visits programme is not intended for groups. If you want to arrange a visit for a group, please contact us by email and we will consider your request. This programme can be modified.