Looking back on 2005

SPACE 2005: the whole French and International breeding at 19th SPACE

19th edition

1 328 exhibitors of which 344 international

111 422 visitors of which 8 587 international from 88 countries

Exhibition area: 52 660 (31 843 m² indoors and 20 817 m² outdoors)


Outstanding events of the year


1st Simmental breed competition

1st North African Poultry Forum 


Official visits:

Dominique DE VILLEPIN - Prime Minister

Minister of Breeding of Senegal

But also...

SPACE 2005 is the only international professional exhibition of the year (Viv Europe was delayed to May 2006)

830 animals displayed, of which 680 bovines from 12 different breeds and 150 ovine from 10 different breeds.

Running of SPACE 'farm': about 40 stockmen, 9 drivers, and 32 work placement trainees are employed. As of 6:00 AM, with breeders and exhibitors, there are more than 300 people working around animals.

Délégation officielle du Sénégal au SPACE 2005

Special focus: SPACE, Senegal's partner

A Senegalses delegation of 25 members, headed by the Minister of Breeding, Dr Oumy Khaïry Gueye, visited SPACE 2005. Composed by farmers unions representatives, official organizations and farmers, this delegation, led by Ibrahima NDOYE, SPACE spokesman in, has come to create new partnerships and get upgrades concerning new techniques in animal health and stock-breeding building.

The Minister admitted she was impressed: 'I thought it was just a local exhibition but it does g ather professionals on a truly international level'. As Senegal is still in a development process, the sector is still weak, and this visit will maybe allow the country to integrate bigger international markets. 

Pictures of SPACE 2005