SPACE 2021 the international livestock show
Genomic Elite sale on the main ring
Tuesday 14 sep
Interregional Limousin Competition 10h00-11h00  / Ring
Interregional Charolais Competition 11h00-12h00  / Ring
Interregional Salers Competition 12h00-12h25  / Ring
National Rouge des Prés Competition 12h45-16h00  / Ring
National Bleu du Maine Sheep Competition 14h00-17h00  / Ring ovin
European Simmental Challenge 16h00-17h00  / Ring
Interregional Brown Competition 17h00-17h45  / Ring
Interregional Jersey Competition 17h45-18h30  / Ring
Wednesday 15 sep
Thursday 16 sep
Prim’Holstein Competition 09h00-11h30  / Ring
Interregional Pie Rouge Competition 11h30-12h30  / Ring
Prim’Holstein Competition 12h30-18h00  / Ring