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InnovSpace 2020

Discover the selection of the most memorable innovations of the animal feed sector from 1995 to 1999.

Logo InnovSpaceVITALAC – NURSILAIT (1995)

Feed for piglet

Nursilait is a feed which allows to dryly wean piglets at 7/8 days old.

Logo InnovSpaceBIOMIN – MYCOFIX PLUS (1997)

Nutritional additive 

MYCOFIX PLUS is a feed additive used to inactivate mycotoxins which contaminate the feed. The mode of action of MYCOFIX PLUS is based on mycotoxin adsorption on one hand, and on enzymatic mycotoxin decomposition on the other hand.

The incorporation of MYCOFIX PLUS is indicated whenever mycotoxins are suspected to occur in the feed. MYCOFIX PLUS is simply incorporated into the feed during compounding.

The dosage can be adjusted depending on the mycotoxin contamination level and on the susceptibility of the animals. It is applicable for the feed of every animal species.

Logo InnovSpaceVALOREX – “BLEU-BLANC-COEUR” (1999)

Nutrition label

Valorex's registered trademark, 'Bleu-Blanc-Cœur' is a symbol of health. At the very beginning of the production chain, Valorex produces high Omega 3 level linseed named: 'Linomega'. Then, Linseed is processed by Valorex in order to release oil, to preserve the Omega 3 fatty acid profile and to destroy the anti-nutritional factors of linseed. Processed linseed is then incorporated into animal feed. The fatty acid profile of meat, eggs and milk is significantly improved: the Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acid composition is higher in the animals fed linseed in comparison with those fed a comentional feed. At the other end of the production line, food products named 'Bleu-Blanc-Cœur' help consumers to choose a healthier food.

Award-winner testimony: In 1999, Valorex was proud to receive an Innov’Space award, which rewarded this totally new approach. It is the beginning of an extraordinary human adventure and a success story.
Organized as an association since the 2000’s, Bleu-Blanc-Cœur was a small group of scientists, farmers and manufacturers who believed in a health-oriented agriculture. In 20 years, with the scientific and financial support of Valorex, it has demonstrated the legitimacy of the approach thanks to 5 clinical trials and more than 400 scientific publications. Now entirely independent of Valorex, the association counts 950 member companies, and its governance is carried out by the representatives of its communities: 7 000 farmers, 1 850 health professionals, 600 chefs and representatives of catering profession, 2 500 consumers, high-level scientists and the representative of the CEO of INRAe. Bleu-Blanc-Coeur has become a key label on the French food market: it represents for example 9% of French pig production, 5% of the French milk production and French market of milk, yogurts and dairy desserts. This is just the beginning: the collective brand, which is supported by the French State, is in constant progression. It is present in 12 countries and 4 continents.