SPACE 2023 from 12 to 14 September
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Discover the Judges' Top Choice of Innov'Space 2023!

The Innov’Space great evening has just ended under SPACE marquee.

No less than 37 winners were awarded, which demonstrates the dynamism of the livestock sector regarding novelty and innovation.

During the awards ceremony, the special mentions have been revealed. They are attributed by the jury to products worthy of particular distinction due to their high level of originality or innovation. This year, 4 award-winners will be proud to display their « 3 stars » trophy on their booth.

KVERNELAND GROUP FRANCE is rewarded for its PUDAMA technology. Unlike the ordinary method where the starter fertilizer is located in a continuous band next to the seeding row, the PUDAMA system put one spot of fertilizer underneath each seed. The studies shows that it is possible to decrease by 25% the amount of fertilizer while maintaining 100% of the yield. Leading to double benefits: an economic opportunity for farmers and an environmental benefit.

LERETRIF ROSSARD BATIMENT convinced the Jury with WATT'N'WALL, a concept of prefabricated walls are equipped with a hydraulic coil in order to heat part of the area of the room or pen (post-weaning). The heat is diffused mainly by radiation, with a feeling of soft and homogeneous heat, unlike convection heaters (radiants). Another application : coupled with a reversible heat pump : the system will cool the atmosphere of the room (more suitable for reproductive sows or fattening pigs).

The MASTATEST of MASTAPLEX also received the coveted award. It is a bacteriological analysis tool with antibiogram, connected, installed in clinic or directly in farm, including an analyzer, diagnostic cassettes and software connected to the cloud. With the help of an internet connection, the veterinarian obtains the diagnosis of the germs responsible for the clinical mastitis within 18/24 hours after the sampling. The veterinarian sends the complete diagnosis to the farmer as soon as the results are available, including weekends.

Finally, ZOETIS FRANCE is also rewarded with 3 stars for VETSCAN MASTIGRAM+, a rapid test dedicated to breeders to help decide what action must be taken in a clinical mastitis during a lactation: to treat or not to treat. Simple to use, the milk is incubated for 7 hours, then tested by dipping the strip in the tube. The result is available within 10 minutes.

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