SPACE 2021 the international livestock show

Innov'Space: discover the 3 stars award-winners!

The Innov’Space great evening has just ended under SPACE marquee.

No less than 35 winners were awarded, which demonstrates the dynamism of the livestock sector regarding novelty and innovation.

During the awards ceremony, the special mentions have been revealed. They are attributed by the jury to products worthy of particular distinction due to their high level of originality or innovation. This year, 5 award-winners will be proud to display their « 3 stars » trophy on their booth.

ADVENTIEL is rewarded for its solution REPLACE.ME which allows the farmers to manage their replacements peacefully. It presents functionalities for farmers that allow them to set up and monitor interventions, as well as functionalities for farm workers that allow them to enter intervention forms and interact with farmers via chat or video.

CALIPRO convinced the Jury with AgiliTRAC, a flexible and modular building concept capable of responding to all production systems in pig farming. It is composed of prefabricated concrete parts which come together to form a module. This module can be repeated as often as necessary in order to size the building according to the number of places desired. It will be possible for the breeder to expand each room with one or more modules without affecting the forward of the progress and biosecurity rules of his site.

The IMV TECHNOLOGIES’ AspiComfort also received the coveted award. It is an automatic poultry semen collector. It has been developed with poultry breeding professionals to facilitate and improve the working conditions of poultry semen collectors: it will now be possible to wear a mask during collection. Aspicomfort provides the improved sanitary safety that is essential in poultry farms. Improved working conditions and ease of use and cleaning also facilitate recruitment.

SERAP INDUSTRIES is also rewarded with 3 stars for OPTICOOL, a new generation condensing unit for milk coolers, with low consumption and carbon footprint. It reduces by up to 40% to 70% the electricity consumption of cooling of milk and the heating of sanitary water. It combines utilization of new components with a new generation frigorific gas featuring a low environmental impact and an innovative functioning mode based on constant adaptation of the power delivered to the need.

Finally, the jury awarded the piglet nest NANNY NEST 145X85 designed by VEREIJKEN FRANCE. It is a one-piece unit, integrated into the enclosure of the pen, with a water bath heated floor and 4 technical hatches (sow visibility, nursing, weaning). The unbreakable translucent double bonnet provides clarity for the piglets while allowing the farmer easy monitoring and handling.

(Re)discover the 35 award-winners!

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