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SPACE 2021: a long awaited edition!

SPACE will be the key livestock event of 2021.. All the businesses involved in the food chain will be able to reconnect after this long period without physical meetings.
As in 2020, and since the beginning of the pandemic, we are proceeding with caution and safety as our main concern when making decisions about our event. Since January 2021, we have been organising the Expo according to the situation and scrupulously following public health recommendations to keep participants safe.
SPACE 2021 is eagerly awaited, as shown by the high level of exhibitor registration and the enthusiasm of our regular participants to finally meet up at the Expo. In this constantly changing context, with increasingly strong societal expectations, livestock farmers need to come together at SPACE to share ideas and discuss the future of farming.

SPACE 2021 health situationThe health situation
Given the progress of vaccination campaigns and the improved health situation, events can now be scheduled in September. However, we will still need to impose health protocols. Participants in the expo will need to show a health pass.

Exhibitors at SPACE 2021Exhibitors
Nearly 80% of exhibitors are registered to participate in this next edition of SPACE. To date, we have 913 registered exhibitors, including 89 new ones. All sectors (cattle, pigs, poultry) and the animal feed sector will be present.

A three-day in-person expo at the Exhibition Centre, and a one-day virtual sessionA three-day in-person expo at the Exhibition Centre, and a one-day virtual session
SPACE organisers have decided to introduce this new format, accordingly to its exhibitors request. The Expo will close at 8 pm on Thursday and at 6 pm on Tuesday and Wednesday.
In 2020, SPACE organisers have once again shown their ability to innovate and adapt to the context, however different, by setting up a virtual edition. Based on our vast experience, we are offering even 5 more digital content this year.
On Friday 17, we will give you access to content that you may not have been able to attend during the Expo itself (webinars, videos, farm tours, etc.). From Friday onwards, SPACE 2021 exhibitors will also be able to make BtoB contacts with international visitors who were unable to attend this year.

Espace for the Future: Animal welfare and Farmer weel-beingThe Espace for the Future
The Espace for the Future is the area where SPACE, thanks to the expertise of the Chambers of Agriculture and Technical Institutes, offers avenues of reflection and practical solutions for livestock farmers to address changes in livestock farming.
this year we have chosen to work on the subject of animal welfare by focusing on the theme 'Animal Welfare and Farmer Well-being'. The Espace will offer practical solutions to farmers, and will demonstrate how this issue cannot be approached globally but instead specifically for each sector. There will also be one debate per day and per type of livestock at the Espace. Our goal is to address the subject of animal welfare, but also, of course, farmer well-being, since the two notions are inseparable.

InnovSpace, leading showcase for innovationsInnov'Space
Innovation is one of the highlights that differentiates SPACE from other events. Innov'Space is the leading showcase for innovation in livestock farming. The 2021 crop promises to be very plentiful. More than 100 businesses have submitted entries. All sectors are represented: cattle, pig and poultry production, but also, for the first time the horse and aquaculture sectors.

A full and varied programmeConferences
SPACE is a unique opportunity for the agricultural profession to discuss and learn about important issues. To continue to inform our French and international communities, a programme of conferences will again be on the agenda. The many conferences scheduled will address a variety of major themes (animal feed, livestock farming practices, international issues, environment, etc.). This programme reflects SPACE's ability to offer content for all farmers and for all livestock sectors.
The conference programme will be expanded in the coming weeks on our website with the conferences of Idele, ITAVI, CNIEL, GRDF, and more.

Animal presentations at SPACE 2021Animal presentations
The animal competition programme has been adjusted so that each breed has a place, as before. The basic format of the usual programme remains unchanged. Tuesday is mainly dedicated to beef breeds with a National Rouge des Prés competition. On Wednesday, a dairy breed will be in the spotlight with the National Normand competition. On Thursday, the Prim'Holstein Atlantique competition will be held..
550 cattle of 13 different breeds will provide a continuous spectacle in the main ring during the three days of the Expo. 200 animals of 11 sheep and goat breeds will also be present, including a National competition of the Bleu du Maine breed.

Espace PodcastsPodcasts and SPACE TV
In March 2021, we launched our monthly podcast series 'The Voice of Farming'. Each episode will discuss a current farming topic with an expert. The podcasts are paired with more detailed articles on each subject.
SPACE TV by Web-agri will be available again this year to follow along on farm tours before the Expo, watch the highlights of the event, and enjoy all this content throughout the year.

We look forward to seeing you all at SPACE 2021,from September 14 to 16 at the Rennes exhibition Centre four our 35th event and on September 17 for a virtual day!
SPACE 2021 at the heart of farming

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