SPACE 2023 from 12 to 14 September
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SPACE 2022: 35 years dedicated to the livestock industry

SPACE has ambitions to make its next edition stronger than ever. It looks to engage in the challenges of livestock farmers, bring together all the different animal production sectors in a forward looking approach, and, thanks to state-of-the-art developments and innovations presented by the exhibitors, show visitors what the livestock industry is really about today. It’s an industry that undergoes continual shifts as it pays close attention to citizens and consumers, one that does what it takes to meet societal demands both in terms of rearing practices and their impact on global climate.

It is therefore an Expo firmly focused on the future that is currently taking shape for the month of September.
In that mindset, its organisers aim to further solidify that dynamic by giving voice to the youth enrolled in agricultural training programmes.

Exhibitors at SPACEThe same full gamut of exhibitors
Nearly 1,200 exhibitors are registered to participate in this next edition, of which 185 are new and 318 are from countries outside France.
This year, the poultry farming industry will occupy halls 10A and 10B, while that of animal nutrition will be well-represented in halls 9 and 5.
The energies sector will fill up half of hall 4, and the Agretic and Village by CA start-up areas will cover 100m2 each. Businesses from the pig and cattle sectors have also registered in high numbers. And nearly 200 stands will display equipment in the outdoor area.
Discover the exhibitors who will participate in SPACE 2022

International visitors at SPACEInternational attention holds strong
Despite the climate of a global health crisis, international visitors made their way back to the trade show for its 2021 edition.
For this 36th edition, we hope to find that same dynamic of earlier years, but with an even greater international attendance. We’ve already received many requests from international visitors in regard to the SPACE 2022 calendar of events, suggesting high attendance numbers in September and optimistic outlooks.

Espace for the Future: Livestock farming and climateEspace for the Future
The Espace for the Future, located in hall 4, is the area where SPACE, thanks to the expertise of the Chambers of Agriculture and Technical Institutes, offers avenues of reflecton and practical solutions for livestock farmers to address changes in livestock farming. 
This year, it will focus on "Livestock breeding and climate: reducing the impact". Presentations of technical solutions, daily round tables, breeder testimonials and on-farm videos will inform SPACE Expo goers and help them develop ideas on these topics.
Learn more about the main topic of the Espace for the Future

The Innov’Space competition is what makes SPACE the leading event for innovation across all the livestock sectors. For over the past 25 years, these awards have been a real quality seal for the industry. They demonstrate the extent to which our sectors are efficient, innovative and always thinking ahead.
The list of the 2022 prize-winners will be published in July.

A full and varied programmeConferences
The conference programme will be full and varied again this year based on the room reservations.
The extent of the topics covered makes SPACE an absolutely unique meeting place for the livestock farming industry.
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Digital tools at SPACE 2022Digital
We can now continually offer information and services all year long without having to dedicate a specific day to them. These tools offer extensive content and features: a platform for scheduling BtoB meetings, a marketplace, webinars, podcasts, web TV programmes, the Innov’Space prize-winner list, product descriptions, an interactive map, the conference schedule and animal presentations, etc.
The web portal and the mobile application will soon be available to help users prepare their visit to the Expo. These interfaces will be further enhanced with new features to make them even more easy to use.

Livestock animal presentationsLivestock animal presentations
As of last year, the programme of livestock animal presentations and competitions takes place over three days. Tuesday is mainly dedicated to beef breeds, notably with the Blond d’Aquitaine National Challenge. On Wednesday, the Jersey dairy breed will be in the spotlight with its national competition.
In addition to the competitions, breed officials are planning an international event by hosting the European Jersey Forum and members from the World Jersey Cattle Bureau.
On Thursday, most of the day will be devoted to the Prim’Holstein Atlantique competition.
Discover the programme of animal competitions and presentations

We look forward to seeing you at SPACE 2022, from Tuesday 13 to Thursday 15 September at the Rennes exhibition centre, for the 35th anniversary of the Show!

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