SPACE 2024 du 17 au 19 September
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SPACE is the 2nd global livestock farming exhibition

SPACE 'Planet Livestock' is globally recognized as a key event by everyone and anyone in livestock farming, due to its location at the heart of a large farming area in Europe, its professional status and its international scale.


The growing of the international exhibitors and visitorship, coming from more than 120 countries, gives SPACE a strong international reputation

During the 36th edition of SPACE, almost 300 exhibitors were international and more than 8 400 international visitors from 120 countries attended SPACE. The large animal farming family meets there every year to discuss, debate and develop its future.

Digital content


Despite the sanitary context, many international visitors are eagerly waiting to come again at SPACE. We expect several delegations from Europe and Africa. Their objectives are to find new suppliers, find out about new breeding practices, discover the latest innovations...



The digital tools developed are services at your disposal to increase your visibility on the SPACE website and mobile app.