SPACE 2022 The international exhibition for animal breeding
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Digital solutions

The virtual Showcase

In 2020, SPACE organisers have once again shown their ability to innovate and adapt to the context, however different, by setting up a virtual edition. Based on our vast experience, we are offering even more digital content this year. Of course, we will be offering virtual sessions during the first three days, but even more content will be available on Friday 17 September.

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SPACE 2021 mobile app


Mobile app and web platform

This year, our mobile application will be enhanced with new services. The powerful app will help visitors and exhibitors to connect up and continue their conversations after the expo, as well as to find all the information they need:

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Virtual Friday SPACE 2021


Virtual Friday

The new SPACE format now includes a 100% virtual day on Friday 17 September, which can be attended via the mobile application, the SPACE website and social media. The content of this unique day will be mainly aimed at international visitors, and in particular those who could not come to the Expo due to the pandemic.

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