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The solution to automatic measure and analysis of agricultural work time

In agriculture, the organisation of labour, and especially of working time allotted to specific tasks, are little or poorly known in comparison with other sectors of activity (like the industrial sector with lean manufacturing for example). In addition, the complexification of this profession entails a real need to strive for excellence in terms of labour organisation in order to restore competitiveness for farmers. This issue relies mainly on the management of working time which is widely unknown today since the working environment of farmers does not allow time tracking unlike the industrial sector.
It is in this context of proximity with the agricultural world and its everyday realities that three sons of farmers and agricultural engineers have developed Aptimiz : the solution of automatic measurement and analysis of agricultural working time. Since 71% of farmers now own a smartphone (up 22% per year) the latter represents an ideal tool : a real « swiss army knife » as a sensor that farmers carry with them all the time.
We have designed a working tool for farmers using technologies integrated in his smartphone that, thanks to geolocation, enables to automatically detect (without any input) the activity that a farmer performs and records the time he spends on each of them. The user only needs to start the Aptimiz tooll in the morning, put his phone in his pocket and go to work. He then finds on a web interface (computer and/or smartphone) different analysis tools that we have designed as dashboards that allow him to optimize his work organization and thus improve his income and well-being on a daily basis.

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