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Evaluate the impact in € of the genetic choice of a crossbreed bull

€UROVAL is the culmination of the development of a private indexing, launched by AURIVA-Elevage in 2018. €UROVAL aims to more precisely understand the economic performance of crossbreed bulls. The €UROVAL evaluations were calculated based on hundreds of thousands of cumulative data over the last 10 years on the performance of bulls of the main meat breeds used in crossbreeding on dairy cows from AURIVA-Elevage and its partners.

Were studied : bull fertility, gestation time, birth conditions, calf mortality and their performance at 3 weeks. These data were adjusted, corrected for several environmental effects (support breed, season, breeding for example) and compared on the same basis to sires of several breeds (Belgian Blue White, Limousine, Charolaise, Blonde d'Aquitaine, INRA 95) and from different geographical areas, commonly used for crossing on Montbéliardes, Normandes and Prim Holstein cows. The €UROVAL evaluation therefore makes it possible to compare, on the same basis, the genetic effects of bulls of different breeds.

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