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Smart Focus

Eye Breed is a device for cattle breeders who want to inseminate their animals themselves. This device makes it possible to free oneself from rectal palpation during the insemination procedure by grasping the cervix thanks to a suction cup connected to an atraumatic continuous suction pump. The tool can be positioned at the entrance of the cervix thanks to a smartphone or tablet with images transmitted via Wi-Fi to the Eye Breed application by a camera positioned at the distal end of the device. This last technical aspect of the system allows for easy and quick training, unlike learning the current procedure. The use of Eye Breed is part of an animal and human well-being approach by freeing itself from rectal palpation, which can cause injuries and musculoskeletal disorders. In addition, the Eye Breed application allows instant reporting of inseminations performed as well as monitoring of insemination results and animal health status.

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