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Poultry hot water heater

Hot water air heater specially designed for poultry farm:

- Water coils mounted in vertical position to avoid the accumulation of dust.

- Water coil with a large spacing between the fins to avoid obstruct them with dust and treated against corrosion.

- Oversized water coil to guarantee a high blowing temperature. For example, with an 80/60 water regime and a 35° air intake, the temperature of the supply air is 60.5°C.

- Respect for the ventilation air circuits.

- Air diffusion adjustable in all directions with two flaps (top and bottom) placed in the eight air outlets.

- Simple regulation by closing the hot water coils.

- The air heater becomes an air blower when the water coils are closed either to destratify the air in winter or to create air speed in summer.

- Low speed fan to limit noise.

- Fan speed modulation: poultry comfort, noise reduction.

- No CO2 and humidity emissions in the building.

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