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Lumino Lighting System

LED lighting regulation system creating an inside natural light

LUMINO LIGHTING SYSTEM is a lighting solution that meets the versatility and scalability needs of existing and new livestock buildings and any species. The system is based on a set of LED tubes specifically designed for livestock, whose installation is tailor-made, and on a control unit controlled by an innovative sensor, witnessing the real atmosphere within the building.
LUMINO is the only dedicated livestock system that faithfully reconstructs visible sunlight, in terms of light intensity and color temperature. By controlling these two parameters, the regulation offers all light programming indoors, to reproduce the natural lighting and all its variations of a sunny day.
Thus, the animal welfare can be strengthened on the one hand, by indoors importing the visual sensation of natural light and, on the other hand, by offering the whole light spectrum for which each genetics, of all kinds, becomes free to exploit naturally.

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