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Connected case for monitoring environments in rearings

The connected case consists of an intelligent connected box, several sensors for measuring atmospheres in breeding rooms and a touch pad. Autonomous and using LoRAWAN and Bluetooth technologies, the solution continuously collects data from sensors (CO2, NH3, H2S, temperature, humidity rate, air speed (0 - 10 m/sec), dust collector, etc.). It is intended for all professionals involved in farm monitoring, whether for new installations or for building improvements or even occasional diagnoses in farming.
The tool allows a precise monitoring of the breeding, over more or less long periods, to follow the evolution of the atmospheres in the breeding rooms. The forms available on the tablet allow the user to enter additional information.
DIAGNO-PEEK allows to cross-reference all the information from the sensors with the information entered in the forms using the latest artificial intelligence and data analysis technologies.

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