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Sentinel Robot 2

Automated Straw Dispenser

Following social demands and economic imperatives concerning animal welfare, the spreading of bedding has become a key task which is constantly evolving. Animal welfare is inseparable from bedding quality.
The company DUSSAU DISTRIBUTION is exclusively launching its ROBOT SENTINEL 2 for SPACE 2019: a more evolved version of the SENTINEL ROBOT, the first straw dispenser and monitoring device equipped with Artificial Intelligence. 
While its primary function is still to spread all types of bedding on all types of farms in an entirely automated manner and also to collect information thanks to its visual and heat sensors (ammoniac sensor, anemometer, CO2, luminosity, air temperature, bedding temperature, weight of animals, recognition of damp areas) in order to establish diagnostics and optimise the spreading of bedding, the new innovative and important functions presented are:
- human safety, with the detection of people in the building
- additional savings on bedding thanks to the targeted laying of straw
- automatic changes to its cycle depending on the density of the product and the quantity to be spread. Its mobility allows it to map the entire building and to feed the BIG DATA databases.
Using its mounted sensors, it cooperates with the control installations and fixed sensors in the building by automatically calibrating their measurements.

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