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The Twine/Netting Cutting Door

The patented V-Cut system helps to extract netting and twine on all the turbine straw spreaders in Emily’s Sigma range. This innovation enables the mechanical cutting of bindings from any round or square bales for the easy extraction of twine and netting by the user.
The cutting of the bindings by two hydraulically controlled blades means that farmers no longer have to go inside the straw spreader and can extract twine/netting with no physical effort. The cutting system is controlled by an external control mounted on the side of the straw spreader. This control has one function for cutting bindings and another for opening/closing the door. Users no longer need to use manual cutting tools, such as cutters or knives, or to climb back into the cab, ensuring greater safety and convenience. The V-Cut system saves farmers considerable time as no manual action is required. The farm just needs to retrieve the twine (or netting) after cutting. Twine/netting extraction is far easier thanks to the cutting position (underneath the bale).
The V-Cut is completely built into the straw spreader’s door to preserve the machine’s compactness and for optimum protection of the system.

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