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Polyester adapter box

Box for vortex-airflow module

The control of the real air flow as well as the ambiant température are essential for the best control of the ventilation in pig houses. The polyester adapter box for the vortex-flowmeter in a central duct offers this possibility to the farmers , thus enabling them to manage the climate of the sections with the 2 essentials vectors of temperature and air exchange rate. The managment with the vortex-flowmeter system makes it possible to overcome the problem of the distance between the extractors and each sections. The correction is automatic which greatly facilitates the task of the breeders.
In addition, the shape of the box and the position of the vortex module directs the flow of air down in the duct which of destratifying the air circuits in the central duct. This has a positive impact on the efficiency of centralized ventilation saves up to 30 % on electricity consumption. The fixing of the vortex module on the box is provided with a quick mounting set for periodic maintenance of the system.

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