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Concentrated disinfectant of plant and mineral origin

EKO GERM D is a concentrated foaming disinfectant based on lactic acid without petroleum derivatives or chemical additives. Its active compounds are 100% of vegetable origin and are derived from renewable resources. Its formula with a minimum of risk pictograms is without compromise on efficiency and performance. This product is part of our EKO range, a guarantee of insurance for my health, my breeding, my planet.  It does not present any risk for the environment and the health of people and animals in the long term.

MY HEALTH: the use of chemical products is nowadays considered as a major public health issue for users, farmers and employees alike.

MY BREEDING: our formulas are tested on the same pathogens as chemicals and show the same efficacy.

MY PLANET: the use of building hygiene products is a sector that has evolved considerably. With EKO GERM D you are free of the classical chemistry! 

Parc d'activité Carrefour de Penthièvre
22640  PLESTAN