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Vario Sprocket

chain wheel

JOZ produces drive units with which manure scrapers are propelled through the barn. A fertilizer scraper with chain uses a nest wheel or a direct drive from the motor to the chain and thus the slider. Over the years, wear of the nest wheel occurs. The space is increasing, so that the nest wheel on the drive station has to be replaced three times with regard to the life of the manure scraper. The Vario Sprocket changes this.

The Vario Sprocket can change its pitch, adapting to the varying pitch of the chain. Six teeth, which can move independently of each other. The sprocket moves according to the relevant chain pitch. The teeth are fixed by a sprung structure, which distributes the forces evenly over several teeth. This reduces wear and compensates unequal chain link lengths. The teeth can also be replaced as wearing parts, without having to replace the complete drive wheel. The teeth can also be replaced without having to dismantle the entire chain. This sprocket wheel improves the ROI of conventional JOZ systems. It increases the lifespan of the entire installation. This means less tensioning and shortening of the chain, which further improves ease of use.

This sprocket can be installed on existing installations which improves the environment, you don’t need to buy everything new, use what you got.

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