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Hygiene - Set UV-C

Teat and water boiler disinfection system based UV-C radiation for feeder

The innovation presented is intended to combat hygiene deficiencies at the automatic feeder by using UV-C technology. Applied UV-C radiation acts directly on the genome of a cell: When the photons of UV radiation meet the DNA double helix, a photochemical reaction triggers a molecular rearrangement within the DNA, resulting in the formation of thymine dimers. At these dimers, DNA replication and transcription are interrupted, and the cell can no longer make new proteins or reproduce. The cell dies within a short time.
Urban GmbH has integrated this already existing solution with UV-C technology into its automatic feeders. The result: Alma Pro HygienesetUV-C. This device consists of an automatic UV-C nipple disinfection unit, which automatically disinfects the nipples after each passage, and a UV-C radiation unit in the water heater, which reliably disinfects the water in the water heater.

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