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Platform for real-time analysis of the environment and behavior in livestock

ANALY-PEEKS offers real-time data analysis and image and video analysis services that produce indicators related to animal behaviour in relation to the atmosphere/atmospheres present in the rearing rooms.
Using artificial intelligence algorithms, the ANALY-PEEKS platform analyzes in real time the thousands of images and hundreds of videos transmitted by PEEK smart boxes deployed in farms. Indicators and graphic maps describe the animals' activity levels, their behaviour, their interactions with the environment or with their congeners.
 ANALY-PEEKS is mainly intended for pig and poultry farms and can analyze image and video content from other cameras.
The offer makes it possible to anticipate the occurrence of health, behavioural or nutritional events. The data produced and the knowledge obtained as a result of the analyses allow an improvement of the breeding environments and conditions, a detailed analysis of behaviours, and an anticipation of problems.

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