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Recording to release pasture power

With 1UFL / kg of MS (dry matter) and more than 18% of MAT (total nitrogenous matter) at its best stage, the grazed grass allows real savings in feeding the dairy herd and technical performance especially in the dairy cow. For the cow to meet this grass at its best stage and in sufficient quantity it requires observation, recording a grazing schedule and simulating different growth scenarios of the grass. This can be a hindrance to grazing practice. Indeed the difficulty lies in the fact that the grass never grows in the same way according to the year, the season, the climate and the practices of the breeder. Paturnet, cocreated by Conseil Elevage 25-90, Eva Jura, Haute-Saône Conseil Elevage and Cantal Conseil Elevage, proposes to facilitate the recording of pasture data notably via Paturapp smartphone application, which is a saving of time compared to a paper recording. He also proposes to simulate grass growth scenarios to make decisions about the surfaces offered to animals. Finally, it makes it possible to make an assessment of the observed growths on its plot (conditioned to measures of grass) and the use (surfaces, number of days of pasture, ...).

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