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Farrowing crates and post weaning

Freedom maternity box allowing an evolution towards weaning on the spot. This innovation combines the advantage of a large box for the welfare of the sow and a post-weaning box suitable for piglets.
The house evolves in three phases: sow blocked for parturition, free sow after parturition, then house without the sow but with the piglets for post weaning. This promotes animal growth, reducing the stress of weaning. Cleaning and human intervention are reduced. The simple and robust tubular is completely erased and allows maximum use of the space available in the box. The handling of the lower flanks is ergonomic, thanks to balanced rotation points. The locks at the top and bottom are direct without any specific tools required.
This innovation makes it possible to meet societal expectations of animal, environmental and salary well-being. This box can be adapted to new buildings as well as to renovation.

ZA les Dineux
22250  TREMEUR