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Wind hood FANTURA

Fancom offers a new wind hood system for poultry houses, the FANTURA wind hood which stands out for its innovative design in total break with the existing wind hood systems. Thanks to this new principle of air intake management, the influence of the wind is divided up to 3 times, which translates into an almost total cancellation of the effects of the wind. The efficiency of the FANTURA wind hood therefore makes it possible to calculate the number of air inlet for a poultry house without taking into account the pressure losses inherent in traditional wind hood systems. The use of (CFD) computational fluid dynamic software and a blowing tunnel allowed Fancom to design the FANTURA wind hood that allows wind to escape through the side vents thus avoiding pressurising the building. This also translates into better managementof the atmosphere and better financial results for the breeder. The FANTURA wind hood is made of polypropylene and the protection grids are clipped for easy disassembly and maintenance.

113, rue de Fougères
35500  VITRE
Tel. : 02 99 75 30 57