Innov'Space 2017

Deadline to submit your application: 29 May 2017


Registrations for Innov'Space 2017 are now closed.

Discover mid-July the awarded products.

An exceptional stepping-stone for launching new products

Since 1995, a large number of prize-winners exhibitors have been able to promote their new products in excellent conditions, thanks to the Innov'Space award. 

The Innov'Space award is a vertitable sales advantage, and prize-winners have reaped the benefits of large repercussions both in the French and international press. Visitors to SPACE are especially attentive to signs indicating new products on the stands.

After the Show, the prize-winnters can refer to their awards in their sales documentation, adverts and other communications supports. 


Timing of the operation

> Deadline for returning application: 29 May 2017

> Examination by the jury, independant of SPACE organisation: beginning of July

> Awards presentation and revelation of special mentions during the exhibitors' party: Tuesday 12 September 2017

For any information on Innov'Space, please contact Claire Brasset:

Claire BRASSET - Tel. +33 (0)6 81 32 53 51 -