Innov'Space 2019

InnovSpace 2019 prize-winners
InnovSpace award-winners

A strategic and innovative label for your company

Since 1995, the Innov'Space award is a showcase for innovation and a real commercial asset that highlights the know-how of companies to livestock farmers. 80% of 2018 exhibitors describe SPACE as an ideal way to get the news out about their innovations. Innovations are a key reason for visitors to attend the Show. 

The Innov'Space label is an 
unmissable opportunity to publicise and promote your innovations:

  • a special sign on the participating booths
  • a distinctive identification in the visitor's Show guide
  • a presentation on SPACE website and mobile app
  • many reports in French and international press, before and after the Show
  • the awards presentation during the exhibitors' party on Tuesday 10, September
  • an awarded products catalogue
InnovSpace a showcase innovation and expertise

A jury of experts, independent of SPACE organisation,
will examine with utmost neutrality and confidentiality the new products proposed by the exhibitors. It will select the products, equipment or services which will present a significant innovation.

The innovations will be classified in two categories based on the level of value for farmers or end users of the product or service: 1 star or 2 stars, and 3 stars for jury's special mention. 

The opportunity to communicate effectively on the creativity of your company!

Timing of the operation

> Submission of applications: mid-March 2019

> Deadline for returning applications: 15 May 2019

> Publication of Innov'Space 2019 award-winners: beginning of July 2019

> Awards presentation and revelation of jury's special mention during the exhibitors' party: Tuesday 10 September 2019

For any question regarding Innov'Space, contact us :

+33 (0)2 23 48 28 88