Programme of SPACE

Discover the complete programme of SPACE  2019. The Show will be this year again a space for generating quality discussions. 

Meetings at SPACE

A place of learning and discovery

- A highly varied programme with 70 conferences and symposiums

- A genuine springboard for employment thanks to Apecita's job-dating sessions, which featured 32 businesses, 260 vacancies and 308 meetings in 2018

- International B2B meetings: 300 business meetings between exhibitors and international visitors

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A world-class genetics hub at SPACE

A world-class genetics hub

- an exhibition space dedicated to the bovine sector and genetics

- Exhibition featuring 550 cattle including 13 different breeds and 200 sheep and goats including 11 breeds

- 4 days of competitions and breed presentations in the ring

- A multi-breed 'Genomic Elite' auction like no other in the world (Holstein Friesian, Normande, Montbéliarde, Jersey, French Brown, Pie Rouge)

- Excellence in health and safety: a strategic issue for farms at the forefront of the exhibition

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Espace for the Future at SPACE

An essential, trend-setting space for the future

- Looking ahead and thinking about tomorrow's big issues for livestock farmers

- Promoting profess in all livestock farming sectors
- Finding new ideas to make livestock farmers' working lives easier

Discover the SPACE 2019 theme 'New climate practices and technologies'