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Producing for the future: Climate - Energy - Land Use

Producing for the Future: Climate - Energy - Land use 


Now that 175 countries have signed the Paris Agreement finalised at the Cop 21, the elected representatives of the Chambers of Agriculture of Brittany, along with SPACE, wanted to address the future challenges related to climate change.


Despite a difficult economic and social context, the theme of the 2016 Research & Development Village will:

  • highlight the many positive actions already implemented to address these major issues, 
  • present solutions or experiments that target efficiency (produce more with less),
  • show that the livestock industry is mobilized alongside other economic sectors.

Visitors will discover a 300 m² space featuring special events, presentations by farmers engaged in virtuous actions for climate protection, and presentations of innovative equipment applications. 

4 areas of focus for PRODUCING FOR THE FUTURE

With their partners and based on practical examples, Chamber of Agriculture engineers will present practices that have a positive impact on farm productivity and profitability, for each sector, focusing on 4 areas:

 Save energy

Even if the subject is not new, the solutions for reducing energy consumption at farms across all sectors are increasingly advanced. Presentations will include topics such as economical and efficient lighting, insulating buildings based on data from thermal imaging cameras, optimization of heating and ventilation, and an application to improve fuel-efficient driving to reduce fuel consumption.

 Produce energy

Farmers often diversify by becoming energy producers, primarily for livestock and crops. Many examples will be presented: biogas plants, wood boilers and heat pumps, advanced photovoltaic technologies, as well as methane recovery with manure pit covers and optimization of hedgerows.

 Reduce GHGs

Reducing greenhouse gases is a key issue to help reduce our impact on global warming. Chamber of Agriculture engineers will discuss how to improve animal performance, precision fertilization through aerial imagery by drones, feed production at the farm (using local raw materials) and how to use equipment for precision feeding to reduce emissions. 

 Store carbon

There are many ways to promote carbon storage including maintain grasslands, organic fertilization and planting hedgerows. An overview of best practices will be presented.

Platform Research & Development SPACE 2016

'5 minute presentations!'

Every day, experts, farmers and researchers will speak at each area for 5 minutes about the experiences and experiments conducted in the region.

A special issue of TERRA

A special issue of TERRA on this topic will be released on September 9, 2016. It will feature the four areas of focus of the R&D Village with testimonials by many farmers working to combat climate change.

The Visitor Guide

The Visitor Guide will offer an overview of good practices recommended by the Chambers of Agriculture as part of the 'Committed farmers: it's good for the climate' communication kit.

Round table at the center of the Village

The carbon market - what opportunities?

Wednesday 14 September 2016

The Round Table will bring together stakeholders to discuss the carbon market.

Platform Research & Development

Village designed and run by the Brittany Chambers of Agriculture and SPACE, supported by:

  • IDELE - Livestock Institute
  • IFIP - French Pork and Pig Institute
  • ITAVI - Poultry Technical Institute
  • GIE Elevages de Bretagne

Press contacts: Sylvie CONAN

Communication manager and coordinator

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